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Thread: Article: F1 Visa Experiences

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    hi,i got gta position from one university for the program MS in computer science. However, my parents and siblings are immigrants in US. Can I get student visa, what are the chances for the same.

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    please help

    My passport is going to Expire in 4 years and I have took appointment for F-1 visa. If I get visa I will get 5.3 years visa. Is that thing affect VO? Should I apply for a new passport first? What should I do?

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    This website is the best in terms of getting informations about preparing for your F1 student visa... My visa was approved after the Consular asked me about 8 questions within 5 minutes...... I had my F1 visa interview at the US embassy in Lagos Nigeria on the 5th of April 2016, my appointment was for 6:30am.. This is my experience.....
    VO: you're my first candidate for today
    Me: very well sir.
    VO: How did you learn about this University
    Me: Through College information, precisely Peterson.com
    VO: what search engine did you access to know about the school
    Me: (at this point, I felt I had answered the question earlier) Petersons.com
    VO : Can you tell me about your course Agribusiness Economics
    Me: Agribusiness Economics can be said to be the combination of sound Economics and management principles with Agricultural production, policy and technology.
    VO: what courses will you be taking in class?
    Me: Econ 240- introduction to microeconomics, Econ 340- intermediate macroeconomics, ABE 545- Regional Economics Analysis, ABE 554- Agricultural problems which will be taken by Professor Steven E Kraft..... VO cuts in..
    VO: Where did you had your undergraduate?
    Me: At the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Nigeria
    VO: who's your sponsor?
    Me: my father
    VO: what does he do?
    Me: He's an Agribusiness Magnate, he has factories that processes cocoa and other Agricultural products for exportation
    VO: when is your program finishing?
    Me: 3rd August 2018
    VO: Congratulations your visa is approved, you can pick it up in 3 working days.
    Me: Alright sir, thank you sir, you just made my day(I was so excited)

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    Anyone going for UT at Tyler from Hyderabad in spring 2017.
    Today my visa is approved at US Consulate Hyderabad.



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