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Thread: Profile Evaluation; spring 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by akshay View Post
    its written on ur transcript? thts weird....and well its this way, ur gre may help salvage ur case, but it would still be tough...some univs (like UTD for example) "appear" to favour UG score over GRE...while others give lotta imp to advice is tht u still try anyway...dont ever give up in the harm in trying right? BUT be ready to get rejects (thts how u already seem to be talkin)...

    Its a matter of a few thousands of rupees. am ot saying this money is less. its quite a substantial amount! (for me it was). but still, if ur keen on it, give it a try... u've nothing to lose. Like nishant suggested, make a good miz of safe and moderate unis. dont try ambitious ones....beg or even threaten ur profs o gv u good lors where they highlight ur "research potential"...(the idea is tht a persin with good research potential need not score high in exams but still would be great at research work).

    Also, somehow write a heart wrenching SOP. U can definitely make it! loads of less deserving ppl do it. so can u

    ALL the best!

    Thanks a lot. I will try. and i will inform you if it happens.

    BUt is there really any univ. which will guve more emphasisi on GRE rather than GPA? And what kind of option will be MS in Germany?
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    am not sure of particular unis as such...tht depends on the admission committee...

    MS in germany is a good option. Germans have always been known as pioneers in engineering. They give more emphasis on research exposure
    check out for info on univ shortlisting process

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