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Thread: Article: Profile Evaluation for MS in US and PhD in USA - Choose Right Schools

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    MS in US Fresher
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    Jul 2012
    Hi Sir ,

    I have finished my UG in 2010 and i was working in reputed IT firm for 2years till date .
    I have wrote GRE and i got 306/340 and rc , i got 2.5/6 .
    I yet to recieve my TOEFL score .
    May i know my scope of getting MS seat in EMU,Michigan .

    Please suggest me .

    Thanks in advance ,
    Praveen CK

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    MS in US Fresher
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    Aug 2012
    Hi Guys,
    want to pursue my MS in Spring 2013.
    Yet to write my GRE & TOEFL.
    Will complete by this Sept 2012.
    I have done MCA in 2004 and have 6 plus exp in IT., let me know is the age contrraints? my age is 31 now.
    if possible please suggest me some Courses, to get easy admission and Universities is best with min cost......

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    Wink Fehmi

    of course a higehr GRE will help as it a graduate test However the TOEFL test will not help as that an English competency's test and colleges assume you can speak English however a substandard TOEFL test can hurt your chances.however the major reason for a full scholarship is excellent promise and sever economic need. But I have to warn you it very hard to get a full scholarship at the graduate levelas I quite aware as a white male,I have not got a single scholarship even though I hold a 4.0 average and living under poverty as I not taking loans and yes I have tryed every quarter I tryed over and over

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    Quote Originally Posted by rr.raj View Post
    hi guys,
    want to pursue my ms in spring 2013.
    yet to write my gre and toefl.
    will complete writing it by sep 2012.
    can i make it before the deadline closes..
    if possible please suggest me some universities..
    thank u in advance
    It is not possible to apply if you write your gre in sept2012 if u wish to aplly for spring 2013 as most of the university deadlines finish by then(sept nd oct 2012). Its takes 1-2 weeks before your gre score is available online and can be reported. Its better if u complete ur gre in aug 2012 if u wis to apply for spring 2012 or postpone ur plan to fall 2013..

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    Aug 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by Gokul View Post
    I am GOKUL.R . I request u to evaluate my profile and suggest universities for me . gre q 141 v 140 awa 2.5. i want pursue my MS IN MECHANICAL Engg. plz suggest universites for the same. also let me know shud i re-take one more time.
    Also i have
    Work Exp 2 yrs
    Teaching Exp 1 yr.
    For Mechanical Engineering and other core engineers i would strongly recommend you to apply to schools in Texas because of the presence of the core comanies in Houston. You can try schools such UT Dallas (little ambitious) , UT Tyler (good school and since you have teaching experience you most probably will get a TA). You can also try schools near and at Houston. But those are going to be expensive.

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    MS in US Fresher
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    Aug 2012
    I am Meera. I kindly request u to evaluate my profile and suggest universities for me. My gre score is quant-161 and verbal-144, awa-2.5. and my GPA is 3.43/4.0 . I want to pursue my MS in CHEMICAL ENGINEERING. Please help me to decide the colleges and i m planning for spring intake. Your Suggestion will count for me.

    Thank you in advance.

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    MS in US Fresher
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    Aug 2012
    Spring 2013 | MS | Industiral Engineering | 1050 quant 750 verbal 300 | BE:67% | ANU

    hi !
    I hav a gre score of 1050 ... verbal: 300 and quant:750
    nd hav a gpa of 67/100 in engineering (Mechanical) ,
    93% in 12th grade and
    88% in 10th
    which univ should i consider for a masters in Industrial Engineering with the above profile ?
    I want to pursue in a university which can provide a good funding and assistant ships(RA/GA/TA) or good co-op/intership and final placements.
    the univ which i thought of are:
    pls suggest my chances in each of them

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    MS in US Fresher
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    Jul 2012
    hey..i gave gre recently and got 314 (q:164, v:150) and 4.0 in awa...is this a decent score?? should i give it again for more score??

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