Hi , I am Tanveer Ahmad ,Final yr Electronics Engg. Student at Aligarh Muslim University. I have a CPI of 7.18 ... i had applied to university of Toledo only as I had a senior in there.got an admit and full tuition scholarship.have received I20. My GRE is 315 and TOEFL is 108. With my CPI and scores I fear i may not get much good offers than this ,as i m much dependent on scholarship. Now the problem is i have applied to only 1 university as i was late in applying and got admit letter quickly. And i would be able to get my provisional degree by 9th july. so when should I apply for VISA and what r my chances of getting visa since i have applied to only 1 university. On my I20 ,9th August is given as the date to arrive. Please advice me how to move ahead.