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Thread: Profile evaluation spring 2013

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    Profile evaluation spring 2013

    please evaluate my profile.

    BE in ECE -73%
    will be having 2+ years experience in embedded domain from KPIT CUMMINS
    GRE-1010(Q-740 V-270) AWA-3.5
    Toefl expecting-90+
    2 good LOR from company(from client manager and one from solution architect) and 2 from academic(HOD and PhD professor)
    no paper published

    Want to apply for PhD in embedded domain/AI
    List of univ i have short listed:

    kansas state univ.
    Michigan state Univ
    Arizona state uni
    Rutgers, State University of NJ, New Brunswick

    Univ of akron
    Univ of houstan
    Oklahoma state univ
    Oregon State University
    University of Georgia(AI)
    Indiana University - Bloomington (AI)
    Ohio State University

    NYU poly

    Please also suggest any univ that might suite my profile.
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    well, for ur profile PhD at a above average univ is tough. mainly because ur verbal is low and also no papers.

    I would advise u try for FALL 2013 cuz the intakes will be higher so better chances foir u...also MS would be easier than PhD.

    anyways, in view of MS (for PhD just make everything a notch tougher)ur chances would be :-

    Tht entire first list of unis is too ambitious for ur profile. they all are a minimun of 1260 gre (tht is the lowest they'd settle for)

    among the 2nd list :-

    UTD - tough as lotta indians apply here as its cheap so it will be tough to get admit)
    U akron - mod to ambitious
    Houstoin - Moderate but u can give a shot
    Oklhama state - tough cuz many ppl with above avrage profiles apply here.
    gerogia - u can try cuz for AI not many apply.
    indiana - U can try. But again, lotta indians apply.
    ohio state - very very very ambitious. drop it from ur list now itself.

    NYU - tough

    UTA - u can try. it may be safe for u.

    some other unis - CSU Sacramento, Texas tech univ, Illinois inst of tech, UNCC charlotte (its tough but quite good for embedded), UNCC chapel hill, Rochester inst of tech, syrcuse univ, Vanderbilt univ.

    All the above are for MS. for PhD it'd be tougher, so pls choose accordingly.

    All the best!

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    Thanks Akshay
    I will try publish some international papers and then apply to univ.
    I don't want to write GRE again.
    can i apply to spring and request univ that if there are no admission for spring can it be postponed to next fall?

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    Well I'm not sure u can do tat. Usually univs require seperate applications for fall and for spring. U cant ask to postpone.

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