Hi MSinUS Team,

I have got admit from University of Cincinnati in M.Eng. Program in Mechanical Engineering. Now, I am in great confusion because I had applied for the MS program in Mechanical Engineering and these guys has offered admission to M.Eng program. I could really appreciate if you can guide me regarding the scope and prospects of this course. I had planned to pursue my PhD after completing my MS but now since i have been offered admission to this course, will I be eligible to pursue my PhD after completing M.Eng course which has duration of one year only?

Also in order to accept this offer, I need to make a payment of $100.00 that needs to be done through check. Now, I inquired for same through banks in India and they suggested two options:

1. E-Transfer to University of Cincinnati Account.
2. Through demand draft which can me mailed to the university through international courier service.

Please confirm if same can be done through any of the listed methods and what is the detailed procedure if possible. I have also informed the university about same, however they told me that the payment has to be made through check only. Please guide me about the process of payment so that I can do same at earliest.

Thanks in advance..!!

Gaurrav Anand