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Thread: UIC vs RIT vs SMU vs SJSU

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    UIC vs RIT vs SMU vs SJSU


    Currently I have got admits from University of Illinois Chicago [MS EE], SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY[MS TELECOM] and SJSU [MS EE] without funding and RIT[MS TELECOM] with 8.6k scholarship per year.

    I am awaiting decision from UCSD [MS EE],UNCC [MS EE] and UFL [MS EE] as well.

    Please let me know an honest opinion of what I should do.
    Could somebody do a relative comparison of my admits in terms of Placement after MS,On-campus jobs availability and Reputation(Ranking)of the University


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    UIC has one advantage of beong located in one of the biggest cities in the US.

    If ur keen on telecom and would need the 8.5k aid, then u could opt for RIT. lotta indians apply there so ur competition for all jobs will be high.

    if u get UCSD or UFL, then go for them without doubt.!

    among the lot u mentioned so far, i'd say UIC > RIT > SMU > SJSU. But pls be clear if u want EE or telecom....for telecom RIT > SMU and for EE its clearly UIC.

    All the best!

    p.s - if ur looking at UIC, just send me a msg on my profile.

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