Why your optometrist performs your eye examination on your first visit?

He does so because he is not only evaluating the need of glasses or contact lenses for you but also evaluating the problems that can lead to loss of eye vision in the long-run like refractive error, Amblyopia, strabismus, etc. Early detection of problems always reduces the chances of vision loss largely.

Where to find a certified Nashville eye doctor?

The best and easy approachable Eye Doctor in the town near you is Dr. Richard Durocher. He is one of the most admirable eye doctors in the country and is playing a major role in providing the innovative new eye care products and treatments. He is recognized for his lectures in his field of optometry in his habitat.

What services are being offered at your place?

You can find a long list of eye care treatments plus eye related detailed services, which are offered by Dr. Richard at his clinic. He has mastered his area of interest and can satisfy his patients with his flawless treatments and services. The treatments consist of:

1.Cataracts Treatment used for removing the cloud that covers the eye lens after a certain age. They are not dangerous and can be removed by a safe procedure. But time management is a must, otherwise can lead to permanent visual impairment.

2. Dry Eyes Treatment is essential for those who suffer from this chronic problem in which lubrication of eyes by tears lacks naturally. It arises due to the low level of tears being produced by the eye.

3. Macular Degeneration is the problem, which arises due to the weakening of Macula causing the harm to the central vision. People who smoke have the greater chance of being attacked by this problem after 40s.

It is essential that we keep our focus on maintaining good eye vision from our childhood by properly and time visiting our doctor for regular eye checkups.