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    General quarry

    I am a senior year B,Tech student from NIT, Durgapur with a CGPA of 8.81( 83.1%). I have one completed project and one I will complete soon and I am going to star working on another this summer. I will also be joining a company as a software engineer this year.
    Can anyone please say what type of institutions I may expect to get admitted if I pull off a decent GRE score and would my job experience be of any consequence while I'm applying?
    Also would it be judicious for me to apply for 2013 fall or 2014 fall session?

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    University selections are based on your gre/tofel/work exp/recommendation letters/proposals

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    Like its already posted, ur univ selection depends on a lotta options....BUT ur projects would add value no doubt. And if ur work experience is relevant to the stream u choose to study, then it'll all add up....If ur just joining an IT company, u might as well apply for FALL 2013 itself. Based on ur gpa, college, projects, I'd say tht if u can touch above 1350 in GRE then ur chances of good colls are up...if u touch anything over 1450 then its very very bright.

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