I went through the profile evaluation tool. I tentatively fall under A category as I still didn't give GRE/TOEFL.
I am planning to apply for masters in CS Fall 2019 season. I have a goal to score GRE:333 and TOEFL:114. So considering I reach my goal and my current profile, please suggest colleges I have to apply.

Citizenship: Indian
SSC/10th class: 90.7%
Inter/12th class: 97.2%
Bachelors in CS: GPA 9.14 out of 10 (2014 pass out)
Internship(Summer 2013): IIT Bombay for 3 months
No publications or research, but have few awards in inter-college Technical contests won during bachelors.

Work: 3+ years in SAP ABAP at Infosys Limited, Hyderabad with 3 awards at work.
Nanodegree: Udacity Front-end web developer [with the help of Google scholarship]
GRE:334 TOEFL:115 (Tentative scores)

We have an option to choose 4 recipients for free before taking the exam. So please suggest 1 ambitious, 2 moderate and 1 safe college that matches my profile.

I wanted to apply for 6 other colleges later. Please suggest 2 ambitious, 4 moderate and 1 safe college. If I can get any partial/full scholarship, then please list them too. I am expecting best placements and/or good reputation of college so that I can get into Ph.D. in top 10 universities later if interested.

Thanks in advance,
Lens :-)