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Thread: MS in Software Engineering or MS in CS

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    MS in Software Engineering or MS in CS

    I am a fourth year student at BITS Pilani, UG dual degree in non CS. My passion is coding and my end goal is to work for a Top Tier Tech company in the Silicon Valley.

    With the above as my UG degree, my brief profile below and my goal, should I go for MS in SE or MS in CS and which Universities. My GRE should be 320+.

    Internships at TCS after first and second year. Developed applications which saved good amount of man-effort by automating manual work.
    Open source contributions on Github
    Certified Google Android Developer 2017
    Participated in GSOC 2017
    Lead Developer for the University Visual Media Club. Developed Android based apps for all the three fests i.e. Sports (BOSM), Cultural (OASIS) and Technical (APOGEE) for two consecutive years (2015, 2016).
    Shortlisted for internship interview with Facebook in 2017
    Currently working on project based course ''Extending Block chain technology into the Derivatives market'.
    UG CGPA: 6.0 (till 4-1)
    CS Minor overload on top of a Dual UG degree: OOP, Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Programming
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