Hi guys,
I am a bit confused about my University Short List. Take a look at my profile and the list that I've made, and please help me finalize it. I may have messed up my categories for Amb, Mod, Safe so please correct me.

GRE : 316 (V-155, Q-161)
TOEFL : 113
CGPA : 7.93 (ECE)
Work Exp : 2.5 years
No Papers.
Desired course for MS : Computer Science.

1. Georgia Tech
2. Texas A&M U
3. University of Pennsylvania
4. Virginia Tech

5. Ohio State University
6. Pennsylvania State University
7. North Carolina State University (NCSU)
8. Iowa State University
9. Rice University
10. University of Florida

11. University of Arizona
12. Arizona State University (confused between these 2)
13. University of Texas, Dallas
14. University of Illinois, Chicago
15. North Eastern University

Of course, I will not apply to so many. I would like to bring the list down to 8-9 Unis. Please help me eliminate some of the choices. And kindly let me know if I made a mistake in my categorization.

Thanks a lot!