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Thread: list of Universities for GRE 307

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    list of Universities for GRE 307

    I am an IIT Bhubaneswar graduate in field of Electrical Engineering.
    Working as a Software Engineer.
    GRE : 307 (verbal 146 + quant 161 + awa 3.0)
    TOEFL : 85
    during my work done
    • two projects in machine learning
    • one project in Android
    • 2 years experience as a full stack developer

    My shortlisted univs in US
    1. California Institute of technology
    2. Carnegie Mellon University
    3. University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
    4. U Texas, Austin
    5. Cornell University
    6. University of California, Los Angels
    7. Columbia University
    8. University of Washington

    1. University of Southern California
    2. University of California, San Diego
    3. North Carolina State University
    4. New York University
    5.Yale University
    6.University of Pennsylvania

    1. Texas A&M University, college station
    2. University of California, Santa Barbara
    3. University of Chicago
    4. SUNY, Buffalo
    5.Duke University

    Outside US
    1. University of Toronto
    2. University of Waterloo
    3. National University, Singapore
    4. nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    5. University of Tokyo
    6. KAIST-Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
    7. Australian National University

    Could anyone suggest what kind of Universities for computer science I can apply
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    Please add if I miss any
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    I would suggest that you should search your desired universities in Google and you can find many and choose one of them .

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    @aditeja8 hey, have you joined any university out of the aforementioned list??
    I am planning to apply for fall 2018..need help!!

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    Dude, all your schools are top school so why did you take the effort to segregate them in ambitious, moderate and safe? Unfortunately you will not able to get into any of them with 307 and 84. Be realistic and apply to inexpensive state schools like
    CSU Fullerton
    CSU LA

    If you apply to the schools in your list, you would just be wasting application fees. If you know your programming, then just try to get into a cheap school and come here and you will get a job so dont worry about jobs. They dont look at your graduate school unless you are applying to FB, Amazon or Google

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