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Thread: What should I answer for number of accepts that i have got

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    What should I answer for number of accepts that i have got

    Hi all,

    I had applied for MS in Compute Science for Spring 2017 for the following Universities:
    UF, ASU, SJSU and Stony brook University

    I have got admit only from SJSU.

    While I go for VISA Interview, and they ask how many Universities you applied to and how many admits, should I be honest that I have got admit from SJSU only? Will that give them more chances for rejecting my VISA?

    Please help with what should I answer.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    You must tell only the truth .. because not being honest can be at high risk of visa rejection..
    because if they get your information of only one admit and find that you lie in the interview you visa may get dispproved..So be confident and honest
    You can follow some F1 visa preparation tips so that you can work for your visa approval..
    You can get visa tips articles at optnation blog..

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