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Thread: GRE Preparation - Which online service or book suits me

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    Question GRE Preparation - Which online service or book suits me

    Hi, I am planning to take my GRE in next 3 months. I have attempted the GRE in 2010 and scored around 1000 and decided to give second attempt. But in the meanwhile I got a job and thought to give it after 2 years and plan Masters with work experience.

    But time passed very quickly and now it is 6 years. After my last GRE attempt, I didn't remember when I worked on solving basic math problems. I think I need to start from basics by reading concepts and formulas, then attempt in solving the problems.

    I was looking available books and online courses (when I googled, I get a service called Mangoosh but not sure about this), but not sure which one suits for me.

    Can someone please help me which book/online self learning course suits me for both Quant and Verbal.

    PS : Also, if anyone needs any information about Universities in Michigan/Life in Michigan, please let me know, if I can help you. Because I am living in Michigan from last 2.5 years.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi, GRE is not a difficult thing if you are Good at English and Maths concepts. Taking GRE Practice Test regularly will help you to be strong at Quant concepts and verbal. I used to take a Mock weekly once.
    I would like to join in Michigan State university for Computer science. Can you explain the atmosphere and cost of living over there?

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