Also, can somebody help me identified which of the following schools teach Mandarin as part of the curriculum? and which ones accept 2 years old and 4years old. I am going crazy with all the information I have!

Thanks to all in advance!

Austin Height
Cherie hearts
Sri Ara
Rainbow Kindergarten
Pegasus International School
Excelsior International SchoolThe Transportation Engineering group within CEE at Illinois offers unequalled expertise in railroad, pavement, and transportation systems engineering. This large, comprehensive program boasts world-class faculty, a dynamic research program, and strong ties to industry and government agencies. Virtually every aspect of modern economies can be tied directly or indirectly to transportation. Traffic conditions on urban roads and freight networks are negatively impacted by increasing transportation demand and insufficient infrastructure supply. Transportation engineers are needed to develop creative and effective solutions to address these rising challenges.

Students wishing to specialize in transportation engineering will build their expertise in transportation planning, traffic system operations, logistics and freight transportation, intelligent transportation systems, transit system planning, travel demand forecasting, travel behavior analysis, traffic safety, human factors analysis, sustainable transportation infrastructure design, transportation environment interaction, pavement engineering, and highway geometric design and construction. CEE’s transportation program works closely with federal and local transportation agencies to ensure that important transportation issues are covered in the research agenda and the education curriculum.

CEE's transportation program has been internationally recognized due to its quality in transportation engineering research and education. It has many fellowships sponsored by both public and private agencies, for example the Automotive Safety Foundation, the Federal Highway Administration, the Valle Scholarship and Exchange Program, and the Washington State Department of Transportation. It also has well established connections with universities and transportation research institutes in China, J