Fall 2017 | Masters in Engineering Management | GRE: 311 (QA: 161 | VA: 150)

> Fall 2017

> Interested in pursuing Masters in Engineering Management

> GRE : 311
QA: 161 | VA: 150 | AWA: 4

Yet to appear for the TOEFL but I'm confident of scoring above 100!

> I have two years of work experience
1) Project Engineer, Supertech Ltd. (12 months)
2) Quality Control Engineer, Bharatiya City Developers Pvt. Ltd. (12 months)

> Background
B.Tech in Civil Engineering (2013) from Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune with an aggregate of 55% and a grade of Higher Second Class d'oh!d'oh!

I am interested in pursuing the course from a reputed University. I am going to list down the names of a few Universities I have shortlisted. I'd like to get feedback on my profile as well as some advice as to which all Universities I can aim for realistically and also whether it will be worth it to pursue this course from that particular University:

> Northeastern University
> University of California, Irvine
> University of Arizona
> University of Southern California
> University of Colorado Boulder

Can someone connect with a person who can guide me or has idea about the same?

Eagerly waiting for your feedback!