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    Profile Evaluation

    Profile evaluation for MS applications for Fall 2017:
    Name: Ambuj Pawar
    College : NIT Surat
    Branch: Electronics and Communication
    Field of Interest: Embedded System
    Degree Goal (MS/Ph.D.): MS
    GPA/Percentage (Do not Convert to US Scale): 8.09
    Topper's Percentage (or GPA): 9.5+
    Your rank in your class: 40-50
    GRE: 320(Q- 167 | V- 153| AWA- 4.0)
    TOEFL: Yet to Give
    Work Experience:
    Junior Analyst, since August' 16
    Work not related to Embedded Systems
    1. 4 weeks in Intermediate Robotics- Embedded Systems
    2. 4 weeks in Bharat Electronics Limited
    3. 6 weeks in Embedded Systems, DRDO, Dehradun
    Submitted or Accepted Publications: None
    Projects: (Others) Project on Software Defined Radio not related to ES but have done 3 mini projects in Embedded Systems.

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    Name: Parijat Kumar
    College: NIT Hamirpur
    Branch: Electrical and Electronics
    Field Of Interest: Power System, Renewable Energy
    Degree Goal: MS
    CGPI: 8.88
    Topper's CGPI: 9.15
    Rank in Class: 3rd
    GRE, TOEFL: Yet to Give

    Work Experience:
    Management Trainee At Noida Power Company Limited since July 2016
    1. 6 week internship at switchgear panel manufacturing and assembling plant
    2. 4 week training program in embedded systems and robotics
    Home automation system, Urine operated battery charger

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