Hi Guys,

I need help as I am going to apply for F-1 Visa to start Ph.d in Bio-engineering. I have worked for an year in the same public University as a Research Scholar in US where I have been offered Ph.D now and its fully funded. I have my visa interview this Monday at Delhi Office.
The first time I applied for J-1 visa for Research Scholar job was from Dublin, Ireland since I have done my masters from Ireland. Now I have to apply for F-1 visa from India and after reading all the experiences it seems like the interview is kinda tough and tricky in India.
I have total 2 years of work experience in the same field.(studied masters, worked for an year in Ireland, then worked another year in US).
Would anyone like to guide me on this or any other suggestion that may help in me the interview?

Any little help would greatly be appreciated! Thanks in advance.