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This post is about GRE Essays, i.e. the AWA Section.

The GRE Essay Pool:

The Analytical Writing (AWA) section has always been a much neglected part of the GRE® exam.

There are a total of 152 Issue Essays and 176 Argument Essays available on the official website of the GRE®. Going through each of these 300+ essays seems to be a daunting task and, frankly speaking, it is.

GREssay is an attempt to simplify this monumental task. We follow a more logical approach to the AWA section.

Why an App?

Wasn't the old way of going to the ETS® GRE® website and then finding essays to work upon easier? Weren't there already a plethora of apps, out there, about Vocab and Math! Why do I need an app for the essays?? Well, hear us out:

1. With over 300+ essays, the essay pool is too vast for anyone to complete thoroughly.

2. With such a vast pool of essays, tracking the ones you have completed isn't as easy as it seems.

3. Why it isn't easy to track essays? The reason being, the same essay statement may appear multiple times in the pool, but with a different type of question attached to it. Thus, the candidate may miss out on the other type of question associated with the essay statement.

4. One cannot practice writing the essay on the GRE® website, there and then.

5. GREssay provides the exact settings which are provided on the Test Day, an essay, an editor and a countdown timer.

6. Added to this is spell-checking, so that the test taker can identify the spelling errors he/she makes.

7. Last but not the least, you can Email the Essays you write on our platform to your personal email address to look at it later or to post it to exam forums.

How GREssay tries to FIX things!

1. GREssay suggests a RANDOM essay from the pool of your choice, either the Issue Pool or the Argument Pool, for the user to go ahead and write.

2. The platform also provides the user with a 30 minute timer which the user can activate once he is ready to write the essay.

3. If the RANDOM essay isn't your cup of tea we also provide you with an option to view the entire Issue as well as Argument Essay Pools so that you can directly select and go ahead with the essay writing.

4. An important feature of the app is the "Marked as Done" essays. Whenever you complete an essay you can mark it as done and that essay would never be suggested again for you to complete. Moreover, that essay would appear in a different section of the app so that you can keep a track of which essays you have completed.

5. Once you finish writing the essay, you can Email the Essay to your personal email address to review it at a later date or to post it to exam forums.

The Android app is available at:


For iOS and Web Users. The doors for them are open at:


Welcome to #GREssay

Disclaimer: This post is just made to help students who like me got stuck with the AWA Section and didn't know how to go about it.