At the moment I've admits from the following universities:

1. Clemson Univ - Digital Signal Processing
2. NYU Poly - they haven't assigned any specialization yet and I've the liberty to choose Signal Processing if I want to.
3. SUNY BUffalo - Signal Processing and Communication

I'm a bit confused here. I was going through the +tives and -tives of each university. A friend of mine said that SUNY isn't as good as the other two for Electrical, and that NYU Poly being good for Electrical, I can be almost sure that I will end up in a high paying job. And since it's now a part of NYU, things will only get better.
When it comes to Clemson, I read a lot of posts which say that Signal Processing at Clemson is extremely good. And the university is cheapest of the lot. But I'm a bit worried about its rural setting. Clemson being a very small town might create a problem i guess.

I would really appreciate it if you guys could give me some suggestion. Thanks in advance