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Thread: Profile Evaluation: MS in CS [314|104|56%|8.5 exp] [fall 2016]

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    Profile Evaluation: MS in CS [314|104|56%|8.5 exp] [fall 2016]

    GRE: 314 (V: 153 | Q: 161 | AWA: 4)
    TOEFL: 104 (R:28 | L: 29 | S: 23 | W: 24)
    Work Exp: 8.5 years

    Undergrad Info:
    Overall: 56% (5 backlogs in 1st year)
    Final Year: 60%
    WES Evaluted GPA: 2.27
    BE in Computer Engg
    University of Mumbai

    Course of Interest: MS in CS

    Here's my tentative list:
    1. San Jose State University
    2. Colorado State Univeristy, Fort Collins
    3. University of Texas, Dallas
    4. Oregon State University
    5. San Francisco State University
    6. Cali. State Univ., Long Beach
    7. Texas A&m University, College Station
    8. University of Florida, Gainesville
    9. University of California, Davis
    10. Northeastern University, Boston

    1. Cali. State Univ., Northridge
    2. University of Massachusetts
    3. University of Houston
    4. Rochester Institute of Technology
    5. Georgia State University
    6. Boston University
    7. State University of New York at Stony Brook
    8. Arizona State University

    1. City College of City University of New York
    2. Univ of North Carolina, Charlotte
    3. Univ of Central Florida
    4. Cali. State Univ., Los Angeles
    5. National University, La Jolla
    6. Cali. State Univ., Chico
    7. Cali. State Univ., Sacramento
    8. Clemson University
    9. University at Buffalo, the State University of New York
    10. Iowa State University
    11. University of Texas at Dallas
    12. University of Illinois at Chicago
    13. Northwestern Polytechnic University
    14. University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    Also, please note that this is my second year applying for MS in US.
    Given below is my last year's list.
    1. San Francisco State University
    2. University of San Francisco
    3. University of California, Riverside
    4. San Jose State University (MS in Human Factors under Industrial Systems and Engg Dept)
    5. San Diego State University
    6. CSU Fullerton
    7. CSU East Bay

    Last time around, I didn't give my 100% and managed to get rejects from all the 7 universities that I applied to.
    Hence, I am more leaning towards safe universities this time around.
    Please share your thoughts and feedback. Any suggestions are appreciated.
    I shall be grateful for any help I receive.

    Many Thanks,
    Fall 2016
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    I need help in selecting the Best University among 4 Universities, from which I got admits for MIS - Spring 2016:

    1. Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, Illinois
    2. Texas A&M International University, Laredo, Texas
    3. University of Houston, Clear Lake, Texas
    4. Central Michigan University​, Mount Pleasant, Michigan

    Please provide me below details for all these 4 colleges:

    Tuition Fee/ Credit?

    Total no. of Credits to complete MIS?

    Management Information System - Standards out of 5 scale rating?

    ($)Wage rate / Hour?

    Cost of Living (in Avg. $ per Month)?

    No. of Hours / Week (Work)?

    Part Time Jobs availability?

    Scholarships availability?

    Jobs availability after Graduation?

    Salary Package / Annam- Average?
    Over all Rating - Education ?

    Over all Rating - Expenses (Money) ?

    Thank You very much in advance!

    Best Regards,
    Srinivas N S

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    Hi Srinivas,

    You should consider starting a new thread for your question.
    This thread is meant for profile evaluation.

    All the best

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