Hello All,

Below is my profile:

GRE - 303
Verbal - 146
Verbal - 157

TOEFL - 100
B.tech - 80% (Stream - Electrical and electronics engineering)
Projects - Done some projects in robotics, As well paper presentations.
Recommendation - I can be recommended by some top players in the field of robotics, I guess this is definitely plus for LOR's.
Work Experience - 3+ Years in the field of robotics (Autonomous robots) in Top Robotics Company (Based in Germany)

I am looking to apply for below universities
  • CMU
  • University of michigan, Ann Arbor
  • upenn
  • WPI
  • university utah
  • Georgia Tech
  • Oregon state university
  • university of south california

What are the chances that I get selected into one of these universities with my profile..?
Also suggest me any other options which are well suited for my profile in stream of robotics.

Many Thanks in Advance.