I am 27 Years old right now and I completed my bsc in 2015 March. Unfortunately, I was failed in fewer subjects and I am preparing for exams this month.

Education Background:

my 10th completed in 2007 (55%)
my 12th completed in 2012 instead of 2009 (so here i have 3 years gap)(46%)
now Degree in 2015 but not completed now writing supplementary exams in this month.

Financial Background

I have only own house and it is a kandhani house it is not registered with father name or mine

Professional Experience

I have been working with the small company since 2010 as a system administrator

I haven't written ILTES yet

That's my background

My Questions :
I want to go USA

1. Am I eligible for study in the USA if the answer is yes please guide me ..

2. Can I apply with 12th for graduation.

3. Which university will give me i20 for MS and Graduation (Degree), as I mentioned that I have a very low profile..

4. How much money do I need to start the process to study in USA.