-> CGPA of 8.49 (Till 6th Semester) Btech in Computer Science
-> Thapar University, Patiala
-> G.R.E 312 (Q-163, V-149, AWA-3.0);
-> TOEFL - 100 (R= 25, L=26, S=24, W=25)
-> MS in CS with specialization in AI/Machine Learning/Data Sciences

I have selected 4 universities so far
San Jose state univ
Suny Buffalo
UT Arlington
CSU Long Beach
Kindly suggest me 6 more universities that have good ranking in Computer Science (4 as moderate and 2 ambitious) according to my profile.

B. Additional Information

I have no work experience.
I have taken online certification course on Python from University Of Michigan.
I have developed various projects that includes some Android Application and Python.
I have developed an Android Application which predicts the score and winning percentage of the teams playing the ODI criket match which is basically based on Machine Learning Algorithms.

I have written 1 research paper in International Conference published at IEEE Xplore based on Data Mining