I would like to share my experiences with you as a student in USA. The idea is you should all be aware of such dangers and make sure it should not happen to you. Maybe this is not the right forum - if so the moderators can move my thread. I am from India and male, btw.

I was a student at University of Texas, Brownsville. While I was there I was hazed upon by a Sri Lankan PhD student, assaulted and ***ually harassed by the same person - then the college came up with an act of racial favoritism to exonerate the guy, forcing me to lapse into medical problems - currently I have PTSD.

Please see my video about it - I am trying to take it to the mainstream media and make it go viral -

youtube DOT com/watch?v=63aLtmVmMKY&feature=youtu.be

Please feel free to share the url with all friends - especially media.

ADVICE - when you come here to study, pls make sure you keep recordings or pictures of any dodgy situation. Later if something happens then you can use it as evidence.

PS - pls replace the DOT with a "."