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Thread: 6 Career Prospects for Mechanical Engineers in USA

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    6 Career Prospects for Mechanical Engineers in USA

    As a mechanical engineer, you will have to research, design, develop, manufacture, and test tools, machines, and mechanical devices. Numerous machines and equipment used in day-to-day lives –are designed in part by mechanical engineers.

    Career Outlook

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), mechanical engineers hold 222,000+ jobs in USA. More than half of these are in manufacturing industry. Mechanical engineering is a vast field. Some mechanical engineers specialize in designing a particular type of equipment while others prefer to focus on upcoming fields like nanotechnology.

    Job Roles and Functions
    Some career prospects for mechanical engineers in USA are as follows:

    • Automotive engineer: Automobile manufacturing industry needs the expertise of mechanical engineers to design vehicle parts. You can create better and efficient engines and develop improved safety features for the vehicles to solve transportation and safety problems.

    • Aerospace engineering: Even though aerospace engineering is a specialized field, a mechanical engineering degree will help you get jobs in this industry. With your expertise in mechanics, thermodynamics, and robotics, you will be involved in creating and producing anything from helicopters to commercial aircraft, and rockets to space exploration crafts.

    • Biomedical engineer: In this job role, you will work with medical professionals to design mobility aids, prosthetics, and artificial organs.

    • Robotics engineer: Just like electrical and software engineers, mechanical engineers play an important role in the design and production of robots. They design robots with the ability to automate themselves. The robots’ structure, their joint mechanisms, bearings, and heat transfer characteristics, etc. are the factors to be taken care of by robotics engineers.

    • HVAC engineer: Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) offers numerous job opportunities for mechanical engineers in USA. They design air-conditioning and heating systems for businesses, industrial buildings, residences, hospitals, and schools.

    • Nanotechnology engineer: Nanotechnology is expected to dominate technological development in the next few decades. Mechanical engineers can work in this cutting-edge field, and develop high-performance materials and devices, that are not bigger than molecules.

    • Nuclear engineer: Mechanical engineers are involved in nuclear plant design, power system design and various other tasks that largely involve thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and structural mechanics.

    Apart from these job roles, academic career is a great option for you, if you have a desire to transfer your knowledge to the next generation of engineers. Mechanical engineers are required in universities, colleges, and research facilities for teaching and to oversee research activities. You can write and publish books and technical papers in your area of expertise.
    Mechanical engineers in USA can find employment opportunities in almost any industry that depends on machines.

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    Profile Evaluate for Bachelor of Commerce, diploma in computers 3 years from NIIT (GNIIT) and having 10 yrs work experienec in various fields , ielts score 6.0 gre yet to be taken pls suggest univ

    Please evaluate my p

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    Will you please suggest me about subject choice?
    I have completed BSc in Aerospace Engineering and want to switch to Nanotechnology through PhD in USA. Is it possible?
    My GRE score is 313 (v 152 q 161) and Toefl 103

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