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Thread: Masters in Business Analytics in Chicago - BIG DATA is Big Opportunity.

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    Masters in Business Analytics in Chicago - BIG DATA is Big Opportunity.

    Hey Guys,

    I am an official recruiter for Saint Xavier University in Chicago.

    Business Analytics and Big Data are the hottest topics in the USA right now. According to Forbes "The median salary for professionals with big data expertise is $103,000 a year".

    For more information, contact an academic advisor in Kenilworth Global Consulting (google the website,) the official recruiters in India for Saint Xavier University, Chicago. Our offices are in Chicago, Mumbai and Hong Kong. Email us on

    The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program at the Graham School of Management is designed to give students the skills and knowledge to become proficient in business analytics and to advance their professional careers in this exciting and fast-growing area.

    Students in this program will acquire a broad and in-depth knowledge in all areas of business analytics and big data analysis:

    statistical modeling
    data mining and data warehousing
    information security
    business decision-making under uncertainty
    Students will learn programming tools and data modeling necessary to analyze large and unstructured datasets that support business decision- making processes and improve business performance. Students in this program will discover applications of business analytics across a wide range of functional areas in various industries, including accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations management, retail, manufacturing, banking and health care.

    Why Study Business Analytics at SXU?
    The MSBA program at SXU is highly applied in nature; it integrates business strategy, project-based learning, simulations, case studies and specific electives addressing the analytical needs of various functional areas and industry sectors. Through the business advisory boards and partnerships with the business community, the program also provides students with applied projects and business data sets as well as access to career networks and employment opportunities.

    The Graham School of Management also fosters partnerships with leaders in business and non-profit organizations to strengthen the students' experience. In addition, the Center for Experiential Education will provide a state-of the-art hands-on analytical lab experience. Students will have a chance to build mentor relationships with our diverse, committed and highly talented faculty and alumni with real-world experience.
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