Please evaluate the profile described below for MS in CS: [For Spring 2016]

Graduated in 2015, IT, Bachelor of Engineering.
GPA/Percentage: 3.63/4.00 (WES iGPA) and 72% respectively [79% in the final year]
Topped the department in the final year.
Internship: 2 years as a system administrator for a firm. 1 month with an NGO.
GRE: Q-164 V-156, AWA-4.5.
TOEFL - 114 [Listening-30, Writing, Speaking and Reading 28 each]

Papers/Publications - None, as yet. One original research paper based on Final year project is in progress.

I am presently considering applying to (based on my research interests)


The list is not exhaustive and any suggested additions are welcome. Also, if anyone could comment on these universities, that'd be great.