please evaluate my profile and help me with university selection, am applying for Spring 2016 MS-Computer Science,
B.Tech: 69.4% (Information Technology)
GRE: 301 (Verbal: 144, Quant: 157)
AWA: 3
IELTS: 7.5
3 years of work experience as software engineer in CMMI level 3 company in chennai
Universities which i have in mind are
1. University of Akron
2. University of Houston, Main campus
3. University of South Florida
4. Cleveland State University, Ohio
5. University of Texas, Arlington
6. Santa Clara University, California
7. NIU
9. UCM
10. University of Wisconsin Madison
I want to know which are safe and moderate for my profile also suggest if any other universities suit my profile and with in budget of 20-25 lacs