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Thread: UMBC or NYU-POLY for MS in Computer Science?

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    Lightbulb UMBC or NYU-POLY for MS in Computer Science?

    I have got admits from umbc and nyu-poly for ms in cs...rank wise both are the same for CS..which one do i choose??....please vote if u cant reply ...

    no scholarship
    $804 per credit...need to complete 36 credits for masters
    not likely to get an on campus in 1st semester...but good chances from 2nd sem..

    $3500 scholarship per semester
    $1258 per credit...need to complete 30 credits for masters
    likely to get on campus from the 1st semester..

    which one of these is better regarding job prospects later and living costs while studying..??

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    First of all take out that thing from your mind that if you study in good university you will land a good job. A friend of mine did his MS in CS from Chicago state University and is now employed at CSC as a software engineer so the whole point behind landing yourself a job is your analytic ability and puzzle solving nature with good basics in programming.

    Secondly, If i was in your place, i would look for a university that is located in major cities as chances of you getting a job after MS or summer intern are high. Scholarship chances or on-campus jobs are good. The campus size of the university should not be too big because the more friends you make, the more comfortable you feel. So my choice would be NYU POLY.

    All the Best!

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