B.Tech in CSE on 2013 from W.B.U.T(GPA - 8.2) in Kolkata
Work Expereince - 2 years as developer in a Kolkata based startup company.
GRE: yet to give
TOEFL: yet to give

I am interested in research in the area of artificial intelligence and applying for fall 2015.
I am wondering what are my chances of getting into phd?
If really low then what would be the cost for MS and how to minimise it?

I have shortlisted some universities based on lower average cost of (tuition - some kind of funding). Are these any good? Which others should I consider?

1.University of Massachusettsó​Amherst
2.University of Wisconsinó​Madison
3.University of Virginia
4.University at Buffalo
5.Ohio State University