Hi guys today i got visa in Hyderabad consulate. Two weeks before in chennai my visa has been rejected.But see i wrote in my previous post that this time am not afraid of rejection.people say many things about university rankings,Gre low scores etc etc but dont get in to that stuff frankly it doesn't matter because they are issuing Visas to low rank universities too.I did so much research,preparation first time but it all went waste.
My strong advise never prepare your answers by seeing others visa experiences or others answers.Because by reading all others experiences you will forget what exactly you want.....Dress up properly, speak loudly,brief answers are good but if you feel like you are loosing grip on you then ask directly to VO can i say some thing he will give permission to u...then explain your version.You no need to wait until Vo to ask a question. Remember we need a visa not VO so u have to take all possibility chances to secure a visa.