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Thread: (Branch Transfer)Can someone help me with Profile evaluation for CS?

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    (Branch Transfer)Can someone help me with Profile evaluation for CS?

    Applying For Fall 2016: MS in CS related fields.

    GRE : 326 (Q:167 and V:159 )

    TOEFL : 116 (R:29, L: 29, S:29, W:29)

    AWA : 4.5

    CGPA : 7.954/10 in Electronics and Communication Engineering from BITS Pilani Hyderabad
    (Roughly tantamount to 3.5/4 due to relative grading according to students who used WES converter since first class is 7-9 and distinction is 9+)

    12th : 97.4 %
    10th : 95%

    • 6 months in IBM (Front/Back end developer at Fiberlink)
    • 2 months in HBL Power systems.

    Job Experience: Will have completed one year by Fall 2016 mostly at Oracle

    Projects :

    • Modified Knapsack-Type Public Key Cryptosystem

    Coded an algorithm devised to Encrypt message text into cipher text and successfully transmit the Decrypted message using weighted encryption key generated by modular arithmetic operations done on the Private key and successfully applied this concept to images.

    • Enhancements for Registration Portal, User Management and Portal Manager Apps

    Designed the UI to provide Access Control Settings for Administrators, changing the Customer Properties and incorporated the Enrolled device limit to register devices per user group saving it in Json document and altering the database in the backend.

    • Automation of Handheld Browser Response times comparison on iOS and Android platforms

    Accurately evaluated the difference between native browser response times for popular websites under constraints such as URL filtering and Gateway,automated the process using the eggplant tool and displayed it using jQuery charts plotted after parsing xml files.

    • Benchmarking of the number of Webservice Calls

    Coded scripts to quantify and monitor the number of calls made to any API from real time data obtained through third party proxy softwares for payload analysis by decrypting and capturing the http traffic

    • OAuth 2.0 Authentication for Enrollment -iOS, Android and End User Portal

    Analyzed and assessed the various methods examining the integration of this protocol to retrieve authorization information for web server and handheld applications in contrast to OpenID and SAML

    • Application Of Machine Learning Techniques To Cognitive Radio

    Simulated a scenario using multiple Cognitive radios as White space devices and trained them to sense the spectrum of a protected service’s transmission, built a Neural network model from the data extracted and investigated and determined the best technique to minimize the error between actual and predicted values through back propagation.

    • Memory Effect In Nicd Batteries

    Designed a circuit to detect Memory effect in aviation batteries and restore the affected batteries to their former functional capabilities successfully averting the overcharging crisis which cut down the cost of recycling by 42% and also reduced the wastage by 34%.

    • Frequency Synthesizer Using Phase Locked Loops

    Simulated and Fabricated a fully functional frequency synthesizer that generates a range of output frequencies for Wireless Applications from a single stable reference frequency.

    Sent scores to :
    1. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
    2. University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
    3. University of Washington, Seattle (UW)
    4. University of Massachusetts, Amherst (UMass)

    Willing to apply also to:

    1. University Of California-Berkeley (UCB)
    2. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)
    3. University Of Illinois At Urbana,Champaign (UIUC)
    4. University Of Wisconsin-Madison
    5. University Of Maryland College Park
    6. University Of Texas At Austin
    7. University of Southern California (USC)
    8. Columbia University
    9. Georgia Institute of Technology,Atlanta

    Kindly help with the some insight. Since i would be shifting from ECE to CS, i want to know which admits are possible for my profile. Any leads would be appreciated. Any idea about EECS or Electronics and Computer Engineering for MS admits after which i can change it to CS? What about admit chances for my profile for CS,Job opportunities,scholarship chances and duration of study in these universities?

    Thank you very much
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