[see] Watch UFC 189 Mendes vs McGregor Live Stream is here. An individual from the notable cast on the first season of the Ultimate Fighter, Mike Swick accepted his battling vocation was over after his December 2012 knockout misfortune to Matt Brown. Be that as it may, an entertaining thing happened while in transit to for all time hanging up his four-ounce gloves: Swick's wellbeing enhanced and the likelihood of a rebound was conceived. "After UFC on FOX 4 and 5, I wasn't content with those exhibitions, I was all the while doing combating my therapeutic issues and taking solution for that and I had sort of proceeded onward," conceded the now 36-year-old Swick, talking with The Province a week ago. "I concentrated on that and I wasn't attempting to drive myself to get once again into the ring, to be a contender or to attempt and make a rebound simply go to the rec center and train warriors, carry on with a solid way of life and I supernaturally recuperated myself through no genuine reason other than proceeding onward. I think the less push, being cheerful and loose helped my body."

When he came back to San Jose, Calif., in March for the conception of his second girl, he dropped into his old stepping grounds at the American Kickboxing Academy home office and without precedent for almost 10 years, everything felt right.

"I felt solid and great all around," conceded Swick, who is 10-4 in the UFC and 15-5 general. "So I was much the same as, 'Man, why am I not battling? This is the thing that I've been seeking after throughout the previous eight years and haven't possessed the capacity to feel along these lines, so I ought to get back in there and battle.' I messaged Joe Silva and we set this up."

Saturday night, Swick will venture into the Octagon without precedent for over two years, squaring off with Dominican-Canadian powerhouse Alex Garcia on the broadcast part of the UFC 189 preparatory card.

What's more, there are no desires.

"There are no enormous desires with battling its simply that I'm solid and I know I can go out there and do what I've been needing to accomplish for a long time and that is have a decent execution.

"To have an opportunity to return and go out there on one of the greatest cards in the UFC after such a long time, all that I've been through is magnificent; its an incredible feeling. It's a blessing from heaven and something I never arranged or attempted to make happen, however it worked out truly well."