I am a BE Mechanical Engineering student. I am currently pursuing my final year at college. I am planning to do my MS from Fall 2016.
I will be applying this September to the colleges. I have given my profile below. It would be great if anyone would evaluate it and let me know where I stand. Thanks

GRE: Verbal: 152 Quants: 167 AWA: 4.5
TOEFL: Writing on July 25
BE CGPA: 8.903 (For 6 semesters)

Co-Curricular/ Extra-Curricular activities:

(A) 1 week In Plant Training at Hindustan Motors.
(B) 1 month Internship at Mahindra & Mahindra.
(C) Did a project on Design and Fabrication of Pre-mixed Combustor
(D) Currently doing 3 projects on Performance measurement of Burner Tips, Robotics and Automobiles (The last 2 are new projects and are in the initial stages only). Planning to present a paper based on automobile project.
(E) Participated in a National Level Go-Kart Competition conducted by ISIE.
(F) Won the first place in an Engine Design Contest conducted at BITS Pilani, Goa.
(G) Completed all 8 Grades of Piano Examinations at Trinity College of Music, London.
(H) Attended a Engine Assembly Workshop conducted by my college.

I would also like to know the weightage that the GRE and TOEFL scores have on the admission process. I would like to do Automotive Engineering and so if anyone could suggest good schools for my profile, that would be great.