F1 visa experience Delhi Consulate.
Date : 2/7/2015
Status : Rejected
Attempt: 2nd
B.sc(CS) -November 2013 pass out - 1backlogs.
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Gre: 285
VO: why are you going to US ?
ME: going fot Masters mam
VO:last time in april you were rejected because of low funds did u improve it ?
ME: mam i have checked on university website my annual fee is 10000 dollars for a year and i have sufficient savings of 15 lacs and education loan of 15 lacs too
VO: how much u have total ?
ME:30 lacs mam.
VO:sorry you do not qualify according to US laws you should have one year + 2nd year expenses which is about 72 lacs and u should have minimum 66 lacs with you.
ME:mam is the only reason that i dint get visa.
Me: thank you mam and happy 4 july.