F1 visa experience Delhi Consulate.
Date : 28/04/15
Status : Rejected
Attempt: 1st
B.sc(CS) -November 2013 pass out - 1backlogs.
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Gre: 285
Ielts: 6.0
Me: Very good morning Sir...
VO: hey Good Morning man..
VO: pass me your passport please.
Me : passed my passport ..
VO: So Northwestern Polytechnic University Hmmm ?
ME:Yes sir
VO: Why This University ?
ME: Sir,I would like to answe this question with little incident in my life,sir when I was doing project in my final year it was based on Asp.net,I wanted to make my project more dynamic i contacted my professors regarding that but they could not help me out.then i searched through internet and got lot of k owledge from michael carter's video lecture who is running his startup company in silucon valley.
VOoes he teach there ?
ME: i said No sir he doesnt teach there.
VO : who is sponsoring ur education
ME: My father and my brother are spinsoring me.
VO:What is your father ?
Me: He is hazoori Ragi at Golden Temple

VO: What ia his income ?
ME: 55000 monthly which is around 6.6 lac annually
VO:Ok and what ia ur brother ?
ME: he is computer faculty in government sector his monrhly salary is 45000 which is around 5.4 lac annually and total annual income comes out to be 12 lacs
VO:how much savings You have with you ?
ME:32.3 lacs sir.
VO: ok( typing in computer and smiling)and then he said I am afraid i can not approve ur visa because US laws do not allow me because I dont have sufficient funds with you even. ur father and brother can not afford ur esucation.You should have 1 year expenses + second year
ME: sir my annual fees and living expenses are 30000 dollars and i have 32.3 lacs with me.
VO-sorry sir u do not qualify.