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Thread: this is how my interview went

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    this is how my interview went

    Went to chennai consulate as all my friends encouraged F1 is easy u will get blah blah....
    i did so much research, preperation, practice,i realized too much is good for nothing.I was so tensed,nervous asking everybody for possible slot time is 2-30 but they called me 2-00 pm only.
    Vo:when did u complete UG
    VO: since then what u r doing
    me:working as a consultant physiotherapist.
    VO:how u r goig to pay ur fee
    me;i have enough funds which covers total tuition fees
    VO:am sorry i cant approve ur visa and gave 214b form{it stated week ties,but am mother of 2 daughters she didnt bother to ask that}
    You know now am not nervous,am not afraid of visa system i applied for 2nd slot on 13july without changing any information.Am tired of asking suggestions to everybody.It all depends on us so we have to face it...thats it.

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    Cool. Thats a great idea.
    All the best.

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