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Thread: MS in Information Science in US

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    MS in Information Science in US

    My daughter is currently in 6th Sem Information Science, studying in a reputed engineering college in Bangalore. She will be completing her BE during May-June 2016, Am planning to put her in US to study MS in Fall 2016. Lots of informations needed :

    1.Top universities in US
    2.Which universities has scholarship facilities, if so, how to avail them.
    3.What are the necessary clearance examinations to be taken and when should they be taken
    4.Approx. cost of study
    5. Would there be campus placements in those universities

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    I suggest you to visit a few consultancies in your city. In fact visit as many as you can. You yourself would get a clear idea. The questions you asked need very detailed answers and it's not possible to get it on the Internet.

    Ask the consultants these questions: What services do they provide and cost for each service. Then zero on the 'one' which you think is reliable and economical.

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    1) For top universities, I suggest you to check US NEWS website. There are many others too, including ********.com
    2) Scholarships are based on your GRE, TOFEL/ IELTS score and acads. (I do not know much on this part). Most ppl get jobs/ TAs/PAs after going to college and get some concession in their fee.
    3) GRE and IELTS/TOEFL is required.
    4) Exams will cost you 20K ( coaching extra). Applying to universities : approx 5000 per university or may be less.
    Cost of study depends on the universities and their locations. Universities costs from 12000K to 50000K for graduation ( living expenses extra) please check ********.com to get a broad idea.

    5) As far as I know, ppl say that there is no concept of placements or very less placemements. Most of them approach consultancies and get their jobs.

    Hope it helps!

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    Check out this link of the website itself. You will have a better idea now for sure.

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