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Thread: How to go about sending free scores on test day?

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    How to go about sending free scores on test day?

    Hi all,
    I know there is an option of sending scores to 4 universities on the test day free of charge.
    Else, a charge of $27 has to be paid to send the scores per university.

    Can someone please suggest how to go about the process of sending the free scores?

    Eg. I have not yet analysed or decided on the universities.. and I can not be sure which universities will I be eligible for after the system displays my scores on the test day.

    Please advise.

    Thanks you,
    Vaibhav Singh.

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    I would suggest thinking of thinking of two majors (like CSE or ECE)which you are interested in and choose some of the ambitious univs which have good programs in both the majors and enter the univs on the test day. Atb.

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