I need a little clarification?
i just need a straight answer, do i get visa or not? how much chances?

i have done My B.tech ECE 60% jntu-hyd 2011 Passout
12th 95% 2007 passout
10th 80% 2005 passout
GRE old-950-289
Ietls validity expired 6.0 Bands going to retake if u suggest

Coming to me, i have few negative impacts?
1. I dont have any work experience after my B.Tech 2011, so its a Gap after my education? This is due to i have tried for Us in 2012 and got rejected twice in dec 2012 for low gre score they suggested..
Then i have worked for some small company for 10months but the thing is the company has been removed unfortunately so i cant provide u any details letters or anything., then after i have done few courses and trying for job, suddenly i had interest to do Masters so thought of doing work study MS program as consultants suggested, and they guaranteed for i-20 without any gre and ietls, as they said there is no need to take gre and ietls for this work study program and they guarantee my i-20 for Ms in computer science in some average university may be a low ranked..
My question is with out any prior experience showing a gap of 3.5 years after my B.Tech and without any ietls and Gre score of 289, can i get visa, is there any chances?
if how much percent can i expect?
the conusltancy says of having 90% chances but i would like to know form you, because you can suggest without expecting anything from me?
i will be glad if you sugggest me and help me further..