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Thread: Calling ajay

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    Calling ajay

    BRO in my pre thread i mentioned tht my profile(acads-75%,gre1290,awa-3,toefl-97 sp-19,re-25,li-28,wr-25) i want to do ms in pharmaceutics

    i mentioned the universities i applied and here are some of the decisions
    auburn uni ms in ceutics-reject
    university of southern california reg.affairs-admit
    still waiting for the decisions of virginia common wealth(ceutics)
    campbell(ceutics),idaho state(ceutics),uni of montana(ceutics)

    i donno abt reg affairs much so if hav any idea abt the course and opportunities for who done this course plzz temme it will help me a lot
    and i want to know abt campbell university and education at that university is it a good university???
    and if u hav any idea abt SAS course please tell me abt the course and the future for those who hav done the course... plz bro ur information will help me a lot

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    I just want to make an observation as an outsider here, as I actually could not understand what you are asking for. If you have to ask something from someone, please write it in a better way, with at least proper punctuation marks. That way, you'll not only make it easier for someone to answer you, but also might help others inadvertently with your query.

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