hello! can someone please help me in deciding between ms in mechanical and fire and safety? I have been working in engineering of power plants and refineries for over 4.5 years and my majority of experience is on fire and safety.

My GRE score is 303/3.
IELTS : yet to take (General module: 7.5 but of no use).
BE mechanical : GPA 3.6/4

with my work experience fire and safety seem logical and scope is also good however my only concern is job availability coz like aerospace i believe fire and safety jobs would demand a candidate who is a us citizen. Can any of you shed some light on my understanding.

Also i would really appreciate if you can help me with university selection for either of the majors.
For fire....i would prefer maryland coz its the only uni to provide accredited ms degree in fire in usa but i am not sure about my chances of admission given a high rated university it will require higher score in GRE and TOEFL/IELTS.

please help me on this