For Spring 2015:
I20 Start Date: Feb 1st 2015
Interview DATE: 29th Jan 2015
CONSULATE: Hyderabad
TIME: 08:00AM
Profile: Gre-293; PTE:64; UG-67% with 0 backlog
University: Rochester Institute of Technology
VO was a young American officer around 25-28 years old guy.
In front of me he approved 4 H1 Visas and rejected 1 H1 Visa. he was so cooollll.....
Me :Hey GM
VO; Very GM can i have your passport
Me: gave the passport
VO: which university you have going to?
Me: Rochester Institute of Technology
VO: why RIT?
Me: Its providing me with the best courses that I wanted to opt for.
VO: okay hmmm.. what other universities you have applied for.?
Me: Gannon university.
VO: thats it!??
Me: yup
VO: when did you complete your grads?
Me: bachelors 2013 and my Pg diploma 2014.
Vo: hmm do you have any work experience
Me: Yes
VO: whats your designation?
Me: Developer
VO: whats your father?
Me: He is a manager at xyz hospital
VO: whats his income?
Me: 35k rupee per month
VO: What about saving in india ?
Me: 70K US dollar
VO: hmm everything fine hmm okay your visa is approved.
Me: That you and have a good day