I am a Doctor and I would like to do Masters in CS or related degrees so that I can apply for H1B and join IT jobs.

I am residing in Raleigh, North Carolina and my preference for university will be around my current location.

I have a list of questions regarding universities and I would like to know the university names and the fees for each questions.

1) I did pure science group in 10+2 (No Maths) and MBBS (No Maths). Can I apply for IT / related degrees? If yes, university names and details. If no, which degrees I can choose? Can I get H1B with that degree for IT job?

2) Is there an online degree (Masters in CS or related) which are affiliated? Will that be valid to apply H1B. If so, university names and fee

3) Universities with more online courses

3) Is there universities where we can complete the course in 1 year which are valid for H1B? If so, university details

4) Universities which provide scholarship based on my profile (say Doctor with high GRE and IELTS score)

5) Universities which provide scholarship based on first year / first semester grade

6) University list for my resume (No Maths and MBBS) if I score 300+, 310+, 320+

7) I am planning to take the GRE in a week and planning to apply for univ by end of January. Universities which accepts score now and provide summer courses

8) For which 3 colleges do I need to send the score after GRE exam (if the score is 300+, 310+, 320+)?