Hello Guys,

First off Love this forum, great place to start for preparing to go to US

My situation is that i will be joining a company in the month of June ( After B.E ) and i would like to apply for Fall 2016, so that would mean i will have to start applying for universities from September 2015, which would mean i will have a work experience of 3 Months Approx. (Although i will continue working as my application process is going on). My Questions:

1. Will this 3 months work exp. will be a problem for my application to be selected while i am applying because its a very short period of time.

2. Can i get the LOR from professors of my college or should i get it from my employer too ? Because if i have to get it from the employer i dont think so they would give just within 3 months of joining.

Can you guys provide some light on these issues?

Thanks in advance!