Please help in evaluation.

GRE : 306(Q-161;V-145; AWA:3.0)
Reading : 22
Listening : 22
Speaking : 19
Writing : 24
Acads : Electronics and Tele-Communication Engineering
CGPA : 7.2/10 ;
Undergraduation : SRTMU(Graduation Batch: 2011)

Work Exp - 41 months of Exp in working with a MNC in Web Application Development using SQL,C#,.Net Framework,HTML,JavaScript/JQuery

I am interested for my masters with specialization in Embedded Systems.

Stony Brook University-ECE
Virginia Tech-ECE
Clemson University-ECE
University of Colorado,Boulder-ECE
Florida State University-ECE
University of California, San Diego-ECE
University of Massachusetts, Amherst-ECE
University of Buffalo-EE
North Carolina State University-EE
Colorado State University-ECE
UNC Charlotte-EE
Oakland University-ES
University of Texas,Arlington-EE
University of Rochester-EE
University of Texas,Dallas-EE
University of California,Irvine-EECS
Vanderbilt University-EECS
University of Pennsylvania-ESE
Eindhoven University of Technology-EE
UtahState University-ECE
University Of Georgia-MSAI