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Thread: Wrong DOB in I-20 (Should I apply or wait for new I-20)

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    Wrong DOB in I-20 (Should I apply or wait for new I-20)

    Hello Friends. I got admission in CLU, and I was appying for visa with its i20, but what happened, before dispatching the i20 from US, CLU had gave me i20 Sevis number, so with that I had paid the Sevis fees and scheduled my appointment on the 9th of Jan. Today I received the i20 and it has an error in DOB(Instead of 1991 there's 1981). What should I do now, university is close till 6th of Jan. Should I reschedule the appointment date or go with that to the interview? Thank you.

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    You should have a correct data of birth on I-20 as it is necessary for verification at Port-of-Entry(while entering USA).
    Better to get new I-20 for F1 visa Purpose. Contact admission office with your details and correct DOB.

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