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Thread: Manhattan prep books 1-8 full set for sale

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    Manhattan prep books 1-8 full set for sale

    Hello GRE aspirants,
    Now that I have completed my GRE,I am planning to sell my Manhattan GRE test prep material. The set contains a total of 8 books (6- quants, 2- verbal).The book is the latest edition from the Manhattan publication. The market price of a new book set is around INR 7000. I will give you the books for a price of INR 4500 (please note that this is the 4th edition).

    I don't need to tell you how great the material is. During my preparation for GRE, I used only this material for reference and scored 328 (Q-167 V-161). There are 6 free online tests available with each book which have some really good quant questions.

    If you are interested please reply to this thread and we will establish a means for contact.

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    Does this include manhatten 5lbs? r you from hyderabad

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